Investigating math and nature inspires my unique artistic approach for designing art jewelry. The natural beauty of nature provides me with limitless possibilities.  I love to break down the raw beauty of nature into simple elements. My artistry has a minimal aesthetic and echoes the gracefulness of organic characteristics of nature. I manipulate nature’s forms by forging, forming, replicating, growing and simplifying to create intricate designs. My pieces use simple lines, primary shapes or structures and the growth of these forms creates original and unique pieces of wearable art.  

I construct my work with traditional techniques and contemporary ideas.  The natural forms inspire my sculptures (or objects, as I like to call them) as well as my statement pieces of art jewelry, which are one of a kind. Both influence my limited edition collections of art jewelry. You can find many of my forms throughout history. 

I handcraft pieces in precious metals such as sterling silver, 18k gold, palladium, platinum and combinations of 18k gold with patinated sterling silver.  I use ethically sourced colored gemstones and diamonds in harmonious shapes.  My edgy, classic and timeless jewelry is my fine art of design.