Hearts Adorn was a project I created to make at my daughters school with the children to give to their mom's for Mother's day.  Each child brought in a picture of themselves and collected bits from nature. I brought in found materials. (A collection of stuff that I don't know what to do with!)  We layered the pictures and pieces together to create a beautiful collage.  The response was so positive that I wanted to share it with you.

I am creating collage's from found materials in nature and in everyday life. (Yeah! something to do with all the things I have been collecting). 

Photographs are downloaded and based on the details in the picture I create the collage.  I use tiny bits and parts, to layer over your loved one.  It adds texture, a playful charm and whimsy.  The adorned pictures are worn close to your heart. 

They are wonderful to wear in pairs or triplets.  All pieces are handmade with an 18 inch chain, sterling silver, resin, photograph, found material and bits from nature. (No animal are harmed in the making of these pieces). 

Sterling silver can be cleaned with a silver cloth.

Each piece is handmade made and no two are alike.


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